This web hud is in BETA phase so it may have some minor bugs. Birth appreciates customer feedback and has often created items based on wonderful suggestions from customers. If you have any update, feature suggestions, or feedback about bugs, please fill out this customer service form with a detailed explanation -

Customer Service


- I've installed my pose/ jiggles but I don't seem them!

This is easily the most asked question currently, this generally comes from two misunderstandings -

1 - Make sure you are on the correct menu. At the top are buttons for the "Jiggles" and "Poses" menus. "Jiggles" are for the moving deformers that jiggle parts of your body, e.g. "Dummy Thicc". "Poses" are full body animations or stationary poses.

2- You can scroll down! This is a webhud with, so you can use your mouse wheel to move up and down (though SL is a little buggy with this). There is also a pink bar you can drag up and down or click on an empty space within it to move.

- I don't understand how to use my Hud, are there instructions?

There sure are! Visit this page for instrunctions -

Hud Guide

- My AV is deformed after using jigges/ poses.

Reset your body or turn off animations by clicking - 'Avatar' (Top Left of VIEWER menu, not 'Web Hud') >> 'Avatar Health' >> 'Undeform Avatar' .

We are also working on updates to better make deformers compatible with various bodies. Stay tuned!

- I bought an item and the web hud says I haven't / it's only in my 'Library' not my attachment!

1 - make sure you have installed it via the 'Animation Sender' hud that comes with the specific product, see the Installations page on this website (there are also instructions on the actual 'Animation Sender' hud)
2 - The short version of how to install products is - wear an 'Animation sender' hud, wear the 'Animation Attachment' that comes with the online Web Hud, then click 'Install Me' on the 'Animation Sender Hud'. DONE!

Will there be updates to the Web Hud?