! New Update !
v1.003 - DEFORMERS
Birth's revolutionary web hud system has a major new upgrade!

A first of it's kind -
An all in one, all over body deformer.
Birth's new deformer range features literally thousands of animations to highly customise the shape of your body. Not only that, it works in unison with our jiggles and poses!


Deformer Features -
Whole Body Deformer -
A first of it’s kind over 5000 animations! Boobs, booty, belly, sides, thighs, shoulders and neck, and a height altering deformer. Featuring both position and rotation settings. Get shapes impossible with normal shape sliders.
Override Jiggles -
A first of it’s kind over 5000 animations! Lock the position of boobs, bum, thighs place so that you can jiggle while maintaining your deformered shape settings. Override position or rotatation.
Customise & Save -
Save your hard work with 16 re-nameable deformer slots.
Intelligent System -
The ai has a built in memory to know exactly which jiggles you have active. So deformers only ever kick in when you need them.
Pick And Choose
Mix and match body deformer parts you wish to purchase or buy a discounted fatpack to get the entire bundle! See the new Hud Guide page under Deformers for a rigorous break down of all the new functions and how to use them.

Jiggle & Pose Features -
See video below about our original core functions that combine all of your favourite jiggles and poses in to a single FREE hud.

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One Single Web Hud -
A hud that's fast, animated and capable of wrestling with hundreds of animations all at once. Don't wrestle with various jiggle huds anymore, access them all and customise with poses.
Pick N Choose Products -
Buy as many or as few deformers, poses or jiggle packs as you like. Old products work with the new single hud engine (purchased an item before? Get a redelivery that includes new installer items, see the accompanying 'Installation Guide' notecard).
Inventory Loader -
Simple fast inventory sharing engine means swift installation of new purchases. (see this page for instructions - Installation )

Jiggle Stacks -
In the past, you could only play a single jiggle at a time. No more! Now you can stack 8 jiggles at once. Make various body parts jiggle or get interesting effects combining them. Layered in a hierarchy so the top most ones will override the bottom.
Play and Walk Settings -
Activate jiggles continuously to work with poses, dances, sexual animations and more. Or have your custom jiggle stacks activate separately whenever walking.
16 Play and Walk Stack Memory -
Save 16 jiggle stacks, 8 for Play and Walk mode separately.
Hud Memory -
Birth's proprietary hud not only saves jiggle stacks, but also every other setting, right down to the last menu accessed. No need to remember which settings work best for your body shape, set them once and never again.
Body Compatibility -
Jiggles automatically restore any body parts they deform back to their original shape and position when the jiggle is no longer active. There are tailor-made restoring deformers for all of the most popular mesh bodies.

More updates coming soon!