Installing Products -
Compatible products come with an 'Animation Sender' or 'Deformer Sender' hud within it's product box. Read below for how to install these into the free attachments you get with your Web Hud.


You will also need a copy of the FREE online Web Hud

Purchase INWORLD at the entrance to Birth's sex department -
(Caspervend charges 1L$ but it's immediately refunded)

Birth Mainstore

Or alternatively on MARKETPLACE -
Marketplace Listing


The 'Sender' huds have instructions on them them of how to install, they look like the following -

Successfully Installed Products -


Will be available under the top 'Jiggles' menu, then 'My Jiggles', see below -



Will be available within the top 'Poses' menu, then 'My Poses', see below -



Will be available under 'Deformers' menu when 'Custom' deformer body settting is active. Installed body parts will no longer be greyed out (see here, dull grey body parts are not unlocked, full bright ones are), see below -


Purchased older products before the Web Hud update?
If you've purchased a compatible product prior to the Web Hud updates, you can get a redelivery by attaching your hud and Caspervend should send you an update. Alternatively use Caspervend or Marketplace depending on where you purchased to also get an updated version of the product.